CQD12/15-810 Electric Reach Stacker

Model: CQD12/15-810

AC 1200/1500Kg (Lifting altitude:1400-4500mm)


1. Fork tilt and double oil cylinder make the machine smoothly while operating.
2. It adopts electro-hydraulic integrated control and multi-function handle.
3. CQD12/15-810 electric reach stacker adopts electronic power steering system which is featured with light weight and low noise.
4. Two-way magnetic valve and three drop speed mode are fixed on CQD12/15-810 electric reach stacker.
5. AC driving system with no carbon brush is maintenance free.
6. The machine is also equipped with USA CURTIS driving controller, electromagnetic, regenerative braking system and automatic lifting limit, which is safe and reliable.


Specification of CQD12/15-810 Electric Reach Stacker
Model Unit CQD12/15 CQD12/15
Configuration No. 810 810
Type Reach Reach
Mast type 2-Stage STD Full free 3-Stage
Load capacity kg 1200/1500 1200/1500